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Our team of talented MEP professionals brings decades of combined experience in designing mechanical systems for single and multi-family residential properties and commercial projects.


Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering design capabilities focus on creating sustainable, highly functional HVAC, natural and mechanical ventilation, energy recovery systems, radiant heating and cooling, steam systems and fuel oil systems, all with the ultimate goal of creating a healthy, comfortable environment. The systems we design function as the central nervous system of the buildings and are responsible for making life comfortable for their inhabitants. Mechanical engineering systems serve to keep buildings cool in the hot summer months and warm during the chilly winter months. These systems are also important for providing clean, breathable air and can be designed to filter out dust particles and other pollutants. Our team works hard to meet our clients needs in the best, most energy efficient and sustainable manner.


Plumbing Engineering

A building is nothing without its water supply or the ability to efficiently drain storm or wastewater off premises, and our plumbing engineers have what it takes to design a system to meet even the most challenging plumbing applications with a focus on long-term sustainability. Our MEP team understands the importance of keeping clean water flowing for drinking, cooking and bathing and even heating and cooling. We specialize in designing water supply and distribution systems, plumbing and drainage systems for storm and sanitary sewers, natural gas piping, space heating and hot water heaters and boilers. Designing the plumbing systems for large, high-rise towers, hospitals, schools or commercial sites pose unique challenges, but our team is more than prepared to meet them head-on. Every building has its own unique water supply needs, and we are ready to help.


Fire Protection

Count on our talented engineers to provide peace of mind when it comes to fire safety by drawing on their years of experience designing sprinkler systems for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our team relies upon their experience working in the field to design sprinkler and alarm systems that follow all building and fire codes. We work carefully to follow these codes while integrating sprinkler systems into building features in a discrete manner. Fire protection engineering requires a multi-disciplinary approach and a willingness to work closely with different members of the design team, especially as architectural trends change and move further away from the building codes. Trust our team to help you achieve good ratings for fire safety without sacrificing any aesthetic touches.


Electrical Engineering

If the MEP systems are the central nervous system of a building, the electrical system functions as the brain, giving power to every connected system. Electricity brings a structure to life, but it’s no longer as easy as flipping a switch and turning a light on; electrical systems have gotten complicated as humanity works towards creating a more energy efficient planet, but our team of electrical engineers are ready to bring electrical power and lighting to any building. Our experience in electrical engineering includes designing power andlighting systems for a variety of structures, including new buildings or build-outs of existing properties. Our goal is to design a safe, efficient electrical system with proper power distribution and emergency backups in place so as to avoid overload and outages. Most of us take it for granted that when we flick a light switch or press a power button, our electrical system will do exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s our job to make sure your building’s electrical system works that way, and we take that job very seriously.


MEP Shop Drawings and Coordination

Our work as engineers is only halfway done when we submit our final set of plans to the client. From there, we remain involved through the construction process, working closely with the construction team to develop shop drawings and answer questions. Shop drawings are essential to bringing the design vision to life and making sure construction goes smoothly and without delays. These shop drawings will ultimately lead to the fabrication, manufacturing, installation and assembly of the systems our engineers have worked tirelessly to design. Every building will require its own unique set of shop drawings for each component of the system – HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Count on our team of talented engineers to bring your project across the finish line with shop drawing preparation, supported by the use of 3D modeling and coordination with NAVISWORKS.